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About Me & The Team

Matt Tyson wearing a dirt bike helmet and gear

It's not just a sport for me.  It's a lifestyle, community, challenge and getaway from a busy work life. I'm definetly addicted to the addrenaline. For me a good time on the bike involves, good friends, trails that push your limits and amazing finds.  

I started my journey on a TTR-230. Following my friends who had been riding single track for a while.  I quickly realized that the trails I was riding were to technical for the TTR.  So the next bike was a YZ250 bored out to 300, regeared and reported for woods riding.  It was a monster!  

As we all know the list of bikes grows as time goes on.  I went on to a Gas Gas ec300, KTM 300 xcw, another KTM 300 xcw and now finally my last bike ( ya right ), A 2019 Beta 300 Xtrainer. This bike is it, my last bike I swear!  

For terrain, you'll find me in my happy place in the Alpine.   Rock cliffs, spaced out trees and views for days.   Vancouver Island, not known for the tallest mountains has some gems hidden away that you can find me cutting trail and riding. Look forward to meeting you out there one day! 

Matt Tyson



My Story


Bike: 2019 Beta Xtrainer
Age: 39

Location: Vancouver Island

Matt Tyson

Bike: 2021 YZ 65

Age: 12

Location: Vancouver Island

Ryder Tyson

Bike: 2022 YZ 85 BW

Age: 16

Location: Vancouver Island

Aryanna Todd Rix

Bike: 2017 Beta 300 RR 

Age: 39

Location: Vancouver Island

Mike Elliott

Bike: 2021 KTM 250 XCW 

Age: 15

Location: Vancouver Island

Insta: @choncho_gcl

Facebook: @LandonJohnson

Landon Johnson

Bike: 2019 YZ 250X

Age: 40

Location: Vancouver Island

Matt Ralphs

mountain landscape with the sun setting

My philisophy is to keep people riding by stocking the correct parts, maintaining and building trails and to never leave a rider behind.   We have all been the rider just starting out.  It doesn't matter how hard the trail is I will make sure you reach the top.  

Never give up.  Maintain your bike. Know where your going and let others know.  Have proper equipment in your bag and make educated risks.   If you follow these rules you  will always come back and will always have the time of your life out on the trails! 

EWM Philisophy

Mountain top picture with a dirt bike in it.
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