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What Is Hard Enduro?

You have probably heard of the toughest off-road sport of all time. It's Hard Enduro! It's the world's toughest sport with the most brutal and exhausting biking format that's enjoyed by well over 20 million fans around the world. The sport is getting popular every year. Approximately only ten riders finish some of the races each year, highlighting just how tough these events, can be. If you are new to the sport, here is what it's all about.

Enduro is actually a type of dirt biking sport conducted on extended cross-country terrain or off-road courses. Normally, enduro consists of several challenges and obstacles that every participating biker needs to pass through. In other words, enduro means racing or riding dirt bikes along difficult and challenging terrain. The term enduro is derived from the word, "endurance". This is because the races are somehow long, difficult and involve varying types of racing terrain.

Hard Enduro’s are usually defined by the extreme terrain that the riders have to tackle, if you are conversant with the spot, you won't be surprised to see even top riders take a fall; get off the tall slim bike to push or ask fans for help; after all the clues is in the name!

In the sport of the "hardened heroes", no two races are the same! While some races arouse the fans' empathy, others are a straight fight to be the first man across the finish line only after conquering the tedious terrains with different formats and different weather conditions. To conquer a Hard Enduro challenge, you probably need to be a skilled all around rider. Well, maybe!

The jungle spot with only two strokes participant

Hard Enduro is for the most part a two-stroke world of tall slim and fierce bikes. While the races differ hugely in its kinds, bikes used for Hard Enduro are very similar. The two-stroke bikes dominate the sport and are popular for their huge power-to-weight ratio. Each bike in a Hard Enduro series carries a characteristic distinctive pipe at the front and makes a very distinctive sound that spurs to cheers of the fans worldwide as the bike close in. That said, it is actually difficult to destroy a Hard Enduro bike; each one is built for extreme conditions and taking on extraordinary challenges. But not impossible!

Here are some of the biggest races in the Hard Enduro Sport - Hells Gate; the toughest one thought , RedBull Romaniacs, Red Bull Megawatts, One Eleven and Red Bull Sea To Sky. Our favorite of all time is Erzberg Rodeo. Look it up! Held in Austria it has become the biggest race of the year that's broadcast live. Fans from all around the world come to see as the carnage unfolds.


Do you crave to see the likes of Graham Jarvis and Alfredo Gomez stand side by side with the hobby riders as they zoom off on their harden bikes in a series that promises to be the greatest view of all time? Then you want to race Hard Enduro, the events are open to all. At every race, the pros like Johnny Walker, Graham Jarvis, Manuel Lettenbichler and Alfredo Gomez rub shoulders with Hobby riders in a simple fight for the finish line. The Hard Enduro series gives fans the chance to race their heroes even if they suffer in the process.

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