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What is a Hare Scramble race?

A Hare Scramble or cross country race is an off-road competition where the fastest rider wins from the start of the gun. At this event, all riders aligning on the same row, and all race out to meet the finish line.

Cross country or Hare scramble races are conducted on several mile-long marked courses through desert, woods and over rugged natural terrain with major competition on big hills, tight woods, and field sections.

At hare scrambles, racers race in laps until the leading racer completes either a predetermined number of laps or has raced for a predetermined amount of time, usually two hours or so. Competitive riders need to be fast and physically fit enough to maintain a race pace for hours.

One of the most popular country's top cross country championship is the AMA-sanctioned Grand National Cross Country series where all events have enjoyed wide support from fans motorcycle industries and the racers. The Hare scramble attracts not only top local talents, but some of the world's fastest off-road racers are also great fans.

As much as the hare scrambles look very similar to the Enduro race, there are clear distinctions between the two events, while the Enduro race uses a time-keeping format where parts or stages of the race are raced against the clock in a time trial; riders leave in groups, several minutes apart to arrive at a predetermined location in a specific amount of time the Hare scramble race takes a completely different format as criteria in crowning the hero.

As in every other competitive racing, the hare scramble race requires an adequate preparation involving a regimen of physical preparation (Fitness level and skill level), bike preparation, gear use and race entry. For those who are familiar with the game cross country racing, preparation determines the outcome of any competitive race. Well, maybe in most cases!


The hare scrambles racer like other bike spot athletes start preparing for a new season by getting back on their bike more; having informed that the number of hours of riding that will get them to the finish line. Riding non-stop for hours to find the pace that suits and can be managed the current level of fitness. Riding more in addition to other cardio fitness exercises are a great value to a competitive race as the hare scramble.

In a Hare Scramble race, do not go crazy off the start, concentrate and focus on riding smooth, and you'll have a blast!


Hare scramble can be very demanding on the body muscles and cardiovascular resilience. Therefore, racers do not underestimate the need for an elaborate section of training and cardio exercise. As a new racer, if you do not prepare, the first race will challenge your conditioning.

Don’t get into the race uninformed!

  • Watch your hydration before, during and after the race.

  • Don't go for the hole-shot; focus on getting through the first turn still on the bike.

  • Don’t go 100% right off the line so as not to crash.

  • Don’t go flat out trying to pass everyone at the start unless you have the skills and fitness to win.

Hare scramble race is like a trail ride on steroids, but if you put in the time, practice, and preparation, you’ll finish it with success and accomplishment!’

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