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Cardio.... Who needs it!


Have you wondered why the most motivated bike sports athletes end up with a CNF in a Hard Enduro sport, unable to continue and becoming totally gassed out, right from about the starting up line? Why many bike sports athletes struggle hard without raising the medals anyway, and could only steer at the finish line helplessly? If you're considering these questions, then you're already closing in on the reasons why cardio fitness is important in the rugged sport of Hard Enduro.

While there are many approaches used by bike sports athletes to train for the big event, vascular endurance remains a top crucial requirement to crossing over the finish lines, and successfully finishing first in the rugged sport of Hard Enduro. The ability to stay calm and efficient in the gnarly situations of the sport will be the biggest player in the hardened road races, the fitter you are, the longer you can ride and of course the easier it is to ride on those hardened terrains that must be conquered to raise the trophy.

The area of vascular endurance contributes tremendously to the riding ability of bike sports athletes in the spot that test everything but your zeal to reach the finish line. While many fitness exercises will help every rider in the sport, from muscular endurance strength to power rotational ability and ability to take impact; cardio fitness to a bike sports athletes is essential. A regular practice of carefully choosing movements and performing other cardio exercises with correct weight-time domain and rep ranges helps riders transition between movements and steady-state heart rate, which helps riders remain coordinated and focused in the rugged act of Hard Enduro.


To be fit for Hard Enduro, you may need a variation of two or three fitness exercises to boost your cardiovascular fitness as you prepare for the big sport of all time. Here are some custom exercises that will build your cardio strength and help you finish ahead of others.


As a bike spot athlete planning to be a part of a Hard Enduro series, you need to be conversant with the steady-state training. You really want to build that aerobic base, meaning, the ability to hold your heart rate at a steady state of 60 to 80 per cent of your maximum heart rate for a long period of time, usually an hour or two. The steady-state training isn't only a good exercise for having strong base cardio fitness; it's also a good exercise for your mental strength. Sitting on a stationary bike for that long isn't that funny! You probably feel tortured, but that is what Hard Enduro is really all about!


A great deal of cardio training is required for a strength level that meets the energy demand for a Hard Enduro sports series. You definitely need the interval training crucial for a good sprint pace and recovery. The interval training focuses on high intensity pushes padded with a full recovery, where riders push their heart rate up into the 90 per cent maximum potential then take as long as it's needed to recover fully. Doing this again and again for an hour or two helps greatly in the act of the sport, it helps greatly when you are in the real Hard End situation of the sport to get your heart rate under control quickly and improve your ability to perform the various techniques you have learnt with good efficiency.

Hard Enduro isn’t just any sport; it is a sport for the “cardiofit”. It's about long-distance usually long hours in tough and exhausting situations that sometimes involves literally pushing bikes up mountains and rocks. That is why the strength training side of things is important, and your cardio fitness is so important to get the medal anyways.

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